Banner Images Management

I am a struggling granny trying to learn and build a new website using RapidWeaver 8.
I have Managed to create a home page, contact page, about the artist page and some gallery pages using the Mountains theme. Is it possible to have a different banner image and/or logo image on each page? How do I do this? When I load in a new image via the general button it changes for all pages despite me deselecting master style in the page inspector menu. Any help appreciated.

If you select General Settings on the right in Edit mode you’ll see an option to Override Site Banner and an empty image well there. Just drag your photo into the well to replace the standard banner. You can do this for each page. See attached image.

Thanks robbeattie! I have just tried that but it still changed the banner image for all pages. Am I missing something here?

OMG!!! Thanks robbeattie! I think its working! Yay!

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