Different photo on each page RW8

Is there a possibility to have a different photo banner on each page of a site on RW8?

Need to know what theme you are using, and preferably a URL to a test page. There are probably some themes that may support that out of the box but on most themes, it probably could be done with custom CSS.

Oooh, thanks. I am a true novice - only started using RapidWeaver last night. Haven’t published yet. I am using Engineer.

One of the newer themes like Engineer, it’s quite easy.
My assumption is, of course, you are talking about the “banner” image and using RW8.

For the first or default image, in settings on the left sidebar, you will see an area to drop the image into. At the bottom of that image well you will see the recommended image size. If the theme is an older theme, it will tell you that the theme doesn’t support banners (that’s when custom CSS comes in). With the newer themes, it makes it easy. The size apply’s to all pages.

Now for any page that you want to override the banner image, you will select the page you want to change, and in the right sidebar select the first inspector, and drop the new image into the "override Site Banner image well.

Thank you so much!

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@teefers My thanks to you as well! I have just been trying to do the same thing and may have to get the Engineer Theme.


The engineer theme is one of the new Responsive Bootstrap 4 themes that are included with RapidWeaver 8.

HI Doug - website almost finished in Engineer. It’s great. However, for some reason it has deviated from the original font of the master style - you don’t happen to know what the font in the master style is, and the size?

Thank you!

I’m using this: @willwood 's https://stacks4stacks.com/randomimage/ on this page: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/lisa_sandler_photography_details/photography_blog/

Looks like the font size is set to 18px. As for the font, I didn’t see an option to change the font in the master style settings. It appears that the theme loads about 3 google fonts?

If you need to check default theme master settings, you can always create a new project, assign the theme and look at the master styles for the new project. It should be set to the defaults.

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