Audio on hover stack?

(E) #1

Anyone know of an audio stack that I can add a tiny sound clip and activate on hover ?

So I could add an image or a stack into the audio stack (and .mp3 clip)

I know it sounds annoying but its for a kids site
So if I hover over the dog image (or BUY button) it will do one quick bark.

(Stuart) #2

Maybe you could use some of the examples here?

(E) #3

Thanks Krytan thats exactly what I need.

Sadly there is a large gap in my knowledge.

I downloaded their beep.mp3 and added it to resources.

Added the code to css section in page inspector.

However I do not know how to adjust css for the mp3 in resources or the image on page to activate on hover

I have found a dog one bark on soundsnap… Ready to replace if I get beep working.

So close yet so far!

(E) #4

I have several audio stacks … but this funny little one here seems the closest

(Stuart) #5

I had a little play with the code and example from the page I linked to. I’m able to get it working to the point the beep.mp3 plays fine when I hover over a stacks image. Let me know if you would like me to send you a sample project file.

(E) #6

YES PLEASE !!! & Thanks a million times!

(Marc) #7

I’d be totally interested in that sample project file too :slight_smile: @kryten

(E) #8

Thank you so much for your generosity kryten.
I bought a little dog bark clip for 99cents …works like a charm!

Seems like it would be a popular stack as lots of people looking at this post

(Marc) #9

Also a BIG thank you from me @kryten it works like a charm! I asked for this months ago and no one reacted …and you made this in a second! Great! Thanks, thanks, thanks :slight_smile:

(E) #10

Yes … Again thank you from me. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

(Marc) #11

A question to @kryten: can I get this to work on iPhones too?
I’m trying it with ButtonPlus2…

(Stuart) #12

Hi @Basswow

As there is no :hover on iPhone its not going to work currently.
I’ll take a look at implementing one of the possible work arounds for mobile though. Will be in touch - ha, see what I did there?

(Marc) #13

:slight_smile: LOL yes a touch feature would be great…I just can’t seem to find out a way to do it.
Thank you very much @kryten

(Marc) #14

Hello @kryten

Just wanted to see if you ever got a step further with the implementation for iPhone/iPad?
Also wanted too ask if you possibly had a sample project file too?
I have been trying to do something with this stack but I just can’t seem to get it work anymore…
Thanks in advance for your reply

(Tom) #15

Just found this thread. I would be interested in that project as well, @kryten

(Gavin Fregona) #16

Hi @kryten. Please could you send me that project file.