Solved - AudioPlayer stack works for some but not all iPhone users - phone setting?

I recently took on an existing website that posts sermons. Old mp3’s had merely been linked and played with/by the browser. For 2018 I implemented Will’s “AudioPlayer” (stacks4stacks) for the mp3 files. When initially setup the live page was tested on desktop, tablet, and iPhone under different browsers. All worked perfectly on my end.

Now, months later, I get a report from the site owner that “hitting the play icon” does nothing when using on iPhone. This “test” caused by the report of another user having the problem.

The AudioPlayer still works for me on iPhone under Chrome and Safari. I thought that perhaps they were trying to use cell data to listen and some setting was prohibiting that. But the owner reports to me that he has tested with a wifi connection.

Here’s the page: (I need to adjust iPhone landscape to accordion setup as is portrait)
[EDIT: page link deleted as page has been modified by removing player stacks from tab/according stacks]

Since all works fine on my iPhone I figure it must be a setting or something on the users phone. Any ideas?

I tried on an older iphone5 and was able to get it to work but only in landscape mode. I was not able to actually “click” the play button in portrait mode.
On a iphone7 (larger screen) it worked.
Makes me wonder if something is actually moving “on top of it” when it reformats for a small screen.

Talked with Will and he suggests that it’s probably an “AudioPlayer”/“Switcher” compatibility issue. I’ll pull the AudioPlayer stacks out of Switcher and check…

Thanks to @Will at stacks4stacks for great and fast response to my email and for great stacks. And a thank you to all RW add-on creators! You are appreciated.

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