Autosafe project functionality?

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Is there an autosafe function in RW8? I accidentally closed RW by pressing ‘don’t safe’:tired_face:

It wish I could recover the lost work…

Thank you guys and girls for answering in advance!

Welcome, Martin - if you didn’t save your file and didn’t have autosave on, you cannot recover it.

Autosave is described here.

You can’t activate Autosave in RapidWeaver 8 anymore and that’s a good thing. Once it slows down the workflow, because RapidWeaver has to cache all the time and then there is a little pause. And then I think automatic saving is quite dangerous with a creative program because you often don’t want to save what you’ve just tried.

If you want to save something, you should do it actively and not automatically. You won’t lose anything when closing RapidWeaver anyway because you’ll be asked if you want to save the last steps before closing


Rapidweaver 7 dropped it as well. Get in the habit of hitting cmd+s.

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Thank you all for answering my question.

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