Disable autosave when exiting RW8

Hello, RapidWeaver 8 has started automatically saving when exiting the program instead of asking if I want to save. How can I stop this as many times I make many experimental changes I do not want to save. Using iMac with MacOS 10.14.6 and foundation stack.

I still get prompted to save on RW8 and I can’t find a setting anywhere in RW to enable it/disable it. I see there is a MacOS system preference (under General) that offers to Ask to keep changes when closing documents but I don’t have that checked, so I’m not sure where it is set…

Thanks for the feedback. It appears that dropbox is “syncing” every time I close the file, which in the past it didn’t do when there were no changes made and you closed the file. If you make changes RW does now ask if I want to save changes. I have been having some very strange syncing problems (locking up) and behavior with dropbox this week. Thanks

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