RW not autosaving

Is anyone else having an issue with RW not autosaving and then locking the file out? I am having to duplicate the file and it won’t let me save the file I was working on.

We’re looking into why this is happening (it appears to be due to OS X reporting to RapidWeaver that the temporary save location is unavailable).

We’ve never been able to recreate this (despite, I should note, ongoing intensive testing). Does this affect all your projects?

I only have one project since this is a hobby and I don’t do this as a profession. I would not know if it affect more than one. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me once about November time frame and after I duplicated the file it fixed the issue and it is happening again now. Should I attempt to fix all permissions on my HD do you think that would help?

This is also happening to me. I get the message "“not Saved” and I have to make a copy and then delete the original. A real pain in the a**. All stacks and RW are up to date.


I don’t experience your issue, so this is just a wild stab in the dark, but have you looked at your System Preferences > General settings?

Yes. I have not found it to be working at all.

I have heard some people say if Enable Quick Look Previews is checked, autosave does not work, but it does when unchecked. Just an idea to see if that is the issue.