AWS S3 Publishing - crash

I’m playing with AWS and trying out publishing to S3.
I can select browse and I can see my buckets on S3, but as soon as I select a bucket, it crashes. Anybody having same issue?

I think I had a problem with one of the earlier RW-versions. I just checked and am now using RW 8.2.1(20758). I have no issues uploading to S3. Did you update Rapidweaver recently?

Thanks, but I’m running the latest version ie. the same as you.

Can you access the bucket from an FTP-tool (like Cyberduck or similar)?

Yes I can see the buckets and list the content, but will not let me upload or download.

So I went back to RW and opened up my S3 connection using “Browse”, this time I hit “New Folder” instead of selecting one of my pre-established buckets :slight_smile: This time it worked, RW published and I can go back and browse the RW created bucket without problems - as soon as I select any of the non-RW created buckets - it crashes.


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I think you may have to go to your AWS console and have a look at permissions (or profiles or however you set it up) that is surely the culprit here. But good to hear that you made it work!

God weekend!

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