Aws s3 publish crashes RW8.7

SInce many versions I cannot publish to S3 aws anymore. I have solved this problem by publishing to a loca folder and with AWS CLI and Terminal upload and/or sync the files… very fast…
But… Since I just upgraded to BigSur and RW8.7 I thought I give it another try.
Whenever I use RW built in S3 publishing locale, the app crashes.
I see that there are other developer having this problem. I myself have once had many support emails with RW Staff… but… the problem never got fixed.
Is there anything I could try to make this work?

I just managed it myself. In the setup page I tested the connection… which always had worked… But then I choose “browse” and it correctly showed my S3 Buckets. I re-choose the “already chosen” bucket… republished… and the app did NOT crash anymore… Hope that helps.

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