S3 publishing causes RW to crash - Help!

New RW user here - so sorry, if this topic/issue is known.

I cannot figure out how to use RW S3 publishing. Looks like bucket is configured correctly and I can add folder to it using RW UI. Test is successful. Everytime I click publish, publishing starts, but very quick whole RW crashes. Does this work with anyone? Where to find logs to debug?

I am using RW version 8.9.1 and S3 bucket is in eu-west-1 region.

btw. I cannot believe commercial software these days have unhandled exceptions. Definately would recommend test automation and some sort of QA operations - no offence.

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When publishing, you can see a progress window. Is there a slight chance that you can see what file is crashing?

Also: did you try to export the page locally? Or publish it to a different provider / host? Just to make sure that the project is exporting correctly?

Do you use stacks? If so, perhaps a stack is causing trouble while exporting.

Are you trying to upload PHP files to your bucket?

Hmm, very odd. Please enable Uploading Logging, and email support@realmacsoftware.com

Details on how to do that here:

Local publishing works. It crashes to the first file trying to upload.
I use stacks, but local publishing works. No PHP files, since this is static website on S3.

I have sent video about the crash to support, no reply yet. Still I do not know how to get logs/dump since there is no dialog after crash, even with the extra logging option.

You must have missed the reply

Read the knowledge base article in the reply from @dan head of RealMac right above your reply. It gives instructions on how to get the log files


I followed the instructions but this step is the problem:

  • If the publishing feature returns an error, hit the “Send Upload Logs” button.

Software does not return error, whole software crashes without any dialog.

You can also clear and copy the support logs from the Help menu item.

I’d suggest you clear them first and then make the crash happen, then copy them and send them to the email address above. I’d put a link back to this thread, and maybe tag here when you are done.

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Thanks, this was great info. Using that log, I can see what is the issue. Seems that the S3 publishing works only in us-west-1 region.

This was in the log:
"The authorization header is malformed; the region ‘us-east-1’ is wrong; expecting ‘us-west-1’ "

Any ideas how to change the region in RW?

I’ve never used S3 for hosting a static site.

There is a kb article with a link to a video

What happens if you go to the publishing settings and try to browse the path or test the connection? I am getting this error, regardless of the selected region, also in us west.

When creating a bucket, I have to wait about 30 min to be able to use it in RW. If I try to use it too soon, I get that error about temporary endpoint.

Publishing actually works, if I create my bucket to us-east-1 region (I missinterpreted the message in my previous reply).

Seems that the authorization header maybe has the us-east-1 as fixed value and when I try to use other eg. us-west-1 region, I get that error in log:
"The authorization header is malformed; the region ‘us-east-1’ is wrong; expecting ‘us-west-1’ "

Just a heads-up. Still no reply from the support about should S3 publishing work with any other region than us-east-1.

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