Axyn Image Fit - major update!

Hello everyone

I pushed out a major update of the Image Fit Stack! It’s still very lean, but mean! Here are some details

Image Fit can accept 4 types of images: drag & drop images, including the new Stacks 4.x site images as well as image well and warehoused images.

Images can be resized to exact dimensions, aligned left, center or right. The responsive behavior of the images can be set in order to best fit into to those chosen dimension: Fill, Cover, Contain and Scale down.

Additionally images can be rotated, scaled, skewed, moved and animated without any Javascript.

They can be set as clickable links and the z-index can also be set.

Check out the examples on my website:




It was still on version 1.01
Seems updating via RW doesn’t work
Had to DL the stack manually and now on 1.05
Thanks for the update

@RicardoR Would this also be the case with the Site Image Fit stack?
Can’t find that in my DL. Might have been a set in the first purchase DL

Hence would that be the case for all your separate stacks like Honeypot, Tab Customizer, Datepicker, etc. (excluding the Ecwid stacks)

Great stack! One request for a future version would be that the transformations revert smoothly to the original image display (rather than snapping back), if that’s possible?

Hi Robert,

The very first version of my stacks didn’t have the update ability from RW, so I would re-download all of the stacks from Paddle.



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I’m looking into it… :+1:t3:



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Hello @jacksona, @Robert-Reinink

Just pushed version 1.0.6 which fixes the transition effects.

Please check it out on our website:




Holy Cr@p, that was quick!

It’s beautiful, thank you!

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I forgot to answer part of your question. Site Image Fit is going to be deprecated since that functionality already part of Image Fit version 1.06.

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Hey @RicardoR, I note that if the image is set as a link, it cannot be transformed. Is there any way it can be set to transform, and still be clickable post-transformation, or is this mutually exclusive?

Hey @RicardoR, the 1.0.7 update doesn’t display the image at all with a link set.

I’ll take another look tomorrow, it test ok here… thanks for the heads up.

Thanks @RicardoR. Not sure if these screenshots will help…

The tabs are in Tabulous 2 from Joe Workman. RW8.3, Stacks 4.0.3 and Foundation 6 framework & Theme.

Best, Adam.

Thanks for the screenshots.
Please PM me your email and I can send you a beta version, to test in your environment.

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PM’d you.

I’m glad we got all this figured out!
I feel that Image Fit v1.0.8rc is looking solid, I’ll probably push it out soon.

Image Fit 1.0.8 will be pushed out soon… just a bit more testing.
Lots of new things… so in addition to transformations introduced in v1.0.7 version 1.0.8 has a lot of new features, but it remains lean, without Javascript.

More details soon.

Pushed out version 1.0.8 of Image Fit Stack. This new version includes lots of new features and some bug fixes.

New features added to this version since v1.0.6 are: borders, shadows, rounded corners and porthole (round or oval image). Clickable links now can be opened in place or in a new window or tab.

Also check our new UIKit3 Plus Stacks Bundle:



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