Two NEW Stacks released - Dropper and Image Replacer

Hello everyone,

I am happy to report that I have released two advanced and innovative stacks for RW. They are called: DROPPER and IMAGE REPLACER

Here is a summary of their features:

Dropper is an innovative advanced stack, which allows you to move almost ANY stack, or a group of stacks, image stacks or other element stacks**, dynamically but temporarily, to any dropper stack in target mode in the same web page.

Now when in Source (legacy stacks) mode almost ANY stack or group of stacks can be used with dropper.

The Axyn Image Fit Stack can be set to be natively draggable, making them the perfect companion to the Dropper stack. Also, UIKit3 Stacks that allow passing attributes can also be set to be natively draggable, such as image, paragraph, header, container, section, background etc.

In native source mode, the stack can be “grabbed” and “dragged” by clicking onto any part of the stack, in “legacy” source mode, the stacks can only be “grabbed” by the special handle (crosshair or similar) overlay.

With Dropper you can dazzle your clients, to display photos or images in different scenarios.

In the example on our website, the images can be dragged onto the living room wall, which is setup with the “Image Replacer” stack. As such, the living room wall image can be replace the user’s own image.

Advanced Add-on for Rapidweaver.

Image Replacer is an innovative advanced stack, which allows a web user to replace any image with a local image dynamically on your web page.

With Image Replacer you can dazzle your customers and clients, to display their own photos or images in different scenarios. As demonstrated on our website, the web user can choose a different living room wall image, and replace with his/her own.

You can check them both out in action on our website:

I hope that you all will find them useful!




Dropper now support moving pretty much ANY stack or group of stacks, parts of a page etc…


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