B2B Subscription Model

I know RapidCart Pro, Cartloom and Cart2 etc. have been discussed quite a bit.
But Im really struggling to find a solution where I can sell monthly/annual subscription based software (B2B) and capture the company name upon checkout to stripe or paddle.

Has anyone managed to achieve this in RW (I’m using Elixir Foundry)
I have Yuzoolthemes stripe subscription stack, which would work great if I could capture the company name/vat no.

Thanks in advance.
Happy New Year!

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With Paddle, the buyer is able to enter the vat number before finishing the purchase. That also works with Paddle Subscriptions.

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Thanks Jannis,
I did take a look at your paddle stack, but I do need to capture the billing address.
This doesn’t seem to be required, unlike stripe

Paddle doesn’t collect names and addresses, as it doesn’t need to do. If you sell over Paddle, you don’t need either (in regards to tax etc.)

If you need that in regards to your software service, you could perform a (manual) process afterwards collecting these for your own purposes.

Thanks Jannis,
I will have a think about how best to move forward. Whether I capture the company details first and pass through to Paddle or after successful transaction or carry on trawling for ideas.

I am still edging towards a stripe solution, I just wish they had the VAT/Company option.

I think you are comparing apples :green_apple: with oranges :tangerine:

  • Stripe is a company (like PayPal) performing the money transaction only. You sell to the customer in that case.
  • Paddle (like FastSpring) is a software reseller, taking over all VAT related things in addition. Paddle sells to the customer.

Thanks for the clarification Jannis

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Thanks @MimUK

With the Stripe Stack:

You can add more fields like for example a filed for “please enter your VAT number” and name could be “company name”


Great!! Thanks Michael
I have your Stripe Checkout stack. Didnt see your other Stripe stack.

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