New To Rapid Weaver Have Some Questions

Hey all! I am brand new to Rapid Weaver and have a basic question. So I have been asked to update a website that was created and I assumed maintained with Rapid Weaver. The person who had been doing it was injured in an accident and does not have the ability to continue.

Here is my first question:

Before I purchase this program to work in the existing website, is there a user name and password that I should be looking for from the website owner to be able to pull open their website in this program and make the needed changes?

I have used Word Press previously so do have experience and for that one I log in and can access the website that I’m working on but since this is so new to me I want to make sure I am proceeding in the right direction.

I’ve e-mailed Rapid Weaver as well to get their help but am hoping maybe someone who uses it can guide me if I’m proceeding in the correct direction.

Thank you.


Rapidweaver’s nothing like WordPress. You’ll need the FTP details to upload the site but the main thing you’ll need is the original Rapidweaver project file - which is used to create the site - and any plugins that may have been used to put it together.

If the site was built with an older version of Rapidweaver you may also find that you’ll have to do a bit of upgrading as well. Similarly with the theme.

Best bet is to post the URL of the site here and people will be able to pitch in with pertinent advice.



If you can learn what add-ons the previous person used you can get a head start. Most everyone uses Stacks now no you may have to purchase it too. Stacks allows you to use “stacks.” Each “stack” is separate and they allow you to do some basic to amazing things.

Stacks website: Get Stacks 4
Some stacks:

I beleive “Stacks” has a trial period - SOME “stacks” that are used with Stacks are free, some have a trial period, some get quite expensive with no trial and no refund. Shop wisely. Don’t make quick decisions except for the ones you must get if indeed the peveious person used Stacks.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions here. The people are fantastic, understanding, and nice! This is a great community.


To reiterate, the current Rapidweaver project will be on the previous developer’s Mac and you need to get that project file if you don’t want to start from scratch. Hopefully they can email / big-file it to you, or share via a cloud service.

So long as it isn’t too old, you should be able to open the project in the current Rapidweaver 8 program. To the best of my knowledge RW8 will open RW6 and 7 files but if the file is RW5 or older, you’ll probably need to open in an earlier version first. Let us know if you need to do this and someone will help.

From there on, as already mentioned, you may need to purchase some stacks and/or the theme that haas been used. When open, the project will tell you what’s missing.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to shout for help on this forum.


Thank you so much! I am awaiting word from the person/family who originally created the site.


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