Background image from TotalCMS/Foundation

I have both TotalCMS and the Foundation stacks. I’m into the third of Joe’s TotalCMS videos, and the second Foundation video. I’m learning this technology bit by bit. Right now, I’m stuck trying to find a way to have a full screen image as a background – preferably a user-customizable method.

in Foundation SiteStyles you can set an image as a page background, to use a image saved in a TotalCMS image well you’ll need to enter its macroname in SiteStyles.
In SiteStyles you need to set the background image’s source as wharehoused and then type the macro name eg %cmsImage(myimage)%

Sadly, this will not work. CMS Macros can only be parsed inside of the HTML. The background images are defined inside of the CSS.

However, if you place the path to the CMS’d Image into the warehouse image setting, this will work. You can get the path to the image via the links button in the image admin area.

Joe, thanks for that. Any chance of a couple of screenshots to illustrate your solution?

Here you go…

Thank Joe, I’ll work at it. I want to tell you the main reason that I bought your products (other than being excellent), is because of your active support. It’s very much appreciated.

Perfect. Thanks Joe

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