Foundation & Warehouse Images As Backgrounds

(Paul Rowe) #1

Hi Guys

I am using Foundation and have read into and like the idea of using “Warehoused” images.

However when I look at the 1 Column Foundation Stack , ( or indeed any Foundation Column stack) , I cannot see how to assign anything other than a ‘local’ image to be used as a Background Full Width image.

Have been scratching my head with this !!

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

This is done in site styles. You can also use the standard stacks settings to add an image background

(Paul Rowe) #3

Hi Robert

If you are talking about “Site Background” within “Site Styles” then this does not achieve a full width warehouse image across a simple 1 column Foundation stack as far as I can tell.

For sure adding an image stack to a 1 column Foundation stack and setting a warehouse link is not a problem, and yes I can instruct 'Grow to Container" which will achieve the full width I desire BUT I cannot build further stacks upon it for example placing another image and text over the full width image underneath.

I can achieve what I explain above using local images but I cant figure out how to do this with a warehouse image.

Could you please provide more specific guidance on how this can be achieved ?


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

Sorry, misread your question, it does not come with Foundation, but Jack will allow you to do this.

(Paul Rowe) #5

Hi Robert

I have just figured it out my end for anybody else that may be looking for a similar resolution.

Andrew Tavernors aka (Big White Duck) brilliant “Sections” stack totally resolves this !!!