Body background image

Is there a “GUI” way to add body background image in RW 7+ without having to add it in css code box?

Thank you

Unless I’m misunderstanding, you can set background images in columns (or Sections Pro as I believe you have that). Foundation (if you’re using that) also has an option in Site Styles that lets you set an image for the entire background.

Oh I overlooked the site styles! Let me go look… Thank you

You are correct, The foundation site style have the body background setting. I cannot believe I completely overlooked that!

I been adding 1 column stack and put image background on it then built the rest of the site inside it! LOL! silly me! But it been annoying me when other stack within one column stack keep shifting around in the direction I don’t want it to!

Your a lifesaver! @jabostick

Thank again!


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