Backing up your websites

It’s been so long that I forgot how to do an extra back up of my rapid weaver websites. I do Time Machine back ups regularly. But I want to add back up to Dropbox and to an external hard drive… I remember I had to do a Zip file… I cant believe I forgot, and I have been trying and looking but I’m having a mental block. Thank you in advance. Aloha from Maui

You can automatically save your project file on the Webserver every time you publish. It is located in the RW publishing settings…

To have a true backup of your web SERVER, including log files, key files, manually uploaded items, etc I use Yummy Ftp to sync the server (backup) to an external disk on my Mac.

If you are wanting to backup your RW project(s) I use Carbon Copy Cloner each night to backup my projects on a 7 day rotating basis so that I have a copy of what projects looked like at end of day for the past seven days.

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Thank you, I just purchased Carbon copy cloner. I’m assuming all I got to do now is just regular back ups? Thanks for the help. Feel safer now, I can sleep better knowing my work is secured. Aloha

Basically that is a good idea, but I stopped backing up my projects on the server (I backup only my own projects). Not not only once I experienced that a clever customer bought RapidWeaver, downloaded the backup, opened the zip-file and started to destroy my work. One customer ruined a TCMS and as the CMS didn’t work anymore, he started to sort out the cms-data folder… The other customer took the backup file and gave it to another web designer…

It might be better to do backups with other tools, maybe make incremental backups of the server content with ChronoSync

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