Backing up my web site

I’ve been looking through the forums at backing up.
I’m not technical and need something simple and easy to understand.
I have time machine but I’m not sure if its backing up Rapidweaver6.
I’ve also tried to make a copy and load everything into my other mac.
It loaded the program but all the links to Vimeo and my PDF information links were not there.
I need to sort something out before something happens and its to late as my web site is getting rather large as I keep adding more to it.
Any recommendations?
I was looking at something but I’ve forgotten its name.(shirt something I think)(superduper)
It was a back up but I think it backed up to the computer and thats not much good it the computer goes down.

If you RW project files are on a disk that is set to backup in Time Machine then yes, they are being backed up. (Check Time Machine setup). I’m guessing your files are on your built in hard drive and if you are using time machine then they are being backed up. You should go into TM now and learn how to find them and restore them so you know what to do if you lose them.

Now, what if your Mac crashes? Then you should have external copies. This can be to external drive or cloud (iCloud, dropbox,etc.) (working on RW project files while they are in “the cloud” is not recommended). I use Dropbox and sync to my other two computers. I also use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy my RW project files to external disk each night. I do this so I can keep 7 copies so I can go back to any day over the past week and restore.

What if you need to work on RW while traveling and you have a laptop? (I mainly use desktop iMac but have a MacBook Pro too) Make sure current copies are in the cloud so you can use them on the road.

What if you have a fire or theft and your home setup is completely lost? I have a pocket drive that contains a complete system clone. When I leave the house I carry this drive with me in the car. Should my house burn I can run to the store, buy another iMac, connect my pocket drive to it and be up and running EXACTLY AS I WAS, with all files current, just by connecting the clone drive.

Lesson… there are different kinds of backups for differnent situation. If you have backups, the “other” thing will happen so make sure you are backed up completely.

Suggest you search the phrase ‘3-2-1 Backup Strategy’

Hi Greg,
Not used icloud so I’ve been messing for the past couple of hours trying to get it to work.
Can’t see how to get rapidweaver to load in there as I have nothing else in there and 5GB free space.
This is not the place to start talking on how to use icloud so I’ll try the Apple forums and see if I can get some help on icloud there.
Thanks anyway.

Thanks Phil.
I have searched it but nothing turned up.
Thanks anyway.

I don’t use iCloud myself… I use dropbox. But that’s a personal decision. There are other free cloud services too. And it is recommended that you not actually run your projects from the “cloud.” Use local copies on your hard drive for work then move them into whatever your “sync” mechanism is… For example, I have a specific folder for RW projects and each night I use a sync app to copy the projects into my Dropbox folder where it then syncs to my dropbox “cloud” and other devices. And please understand this is how I do it… there are multitudes off ways to do this. Just make sure you have the 1-2-3 backup concept as mentioned above.

Thanks Greg,
Turns out as far as I can see that I can’t back up Rapidweaver to icloud only documents.
I can back up the program but thats not much good I need to back up the whole thing.
Are there files for Rapidweaver saved any where in a folder do you know?
You said you use Dropbox.
I have that so I’ll give that a go.
Not sure how but I’ll give it a go.

RW keeps a lot of data in the ~/Library folder. All your themes plugins stacks are kept there.
Your project file contains the rest of your data for your site less anything you may have put in resources.
You may want to consider updating to RW7 as it has many new features to make your RW portable.

It also has a new option for backing up your project file (not the addons themes etc.) to your web host.
With these features you can install RW7 on two Macs and share the addons via dropbox.

Your use of time machine will backup everything (unless you have setup things to exclude). So all files Rapid Weaver program, ~/Library, and projects are being backed up. If you need to recover these files you need to know where they are currently located.

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