Where does RW save backups

This is probably a daft question but where does RW save backup files. My projects back up every day. I’m guessing I set this up but cannot find the settings. I’m anxious to know where there are located because my 10+ year old Time Campsite has recently stopped working :frowning:. Thanks!

Are you talking about in publishing settings? To my knowledge that’s the only place RapidWeaver will backup a project file.

If that’s what you are talking about it is stored on the server in an oddly named folder like:

  • It only will backup when you publish (The once a day is a maxium)
  • It’s in a Zip file in that directory
  • you should be able to hit the Download Backup button in the publishing settings

Thanks Doug. How did I miss that??? That’s brilliant. So useful and reassuring.

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@oldgustav This is really one of the best features of RW. I love it. I’m assuming you have backup set to “once a day”.

I have an additional and complementary BU strategy. I’ll give my project file archived names. For instance: myproject-2020-03-20.rw and myproject-2020-03-25.rw. The result is this same feature will create an archived set up backups. (Sometimes I don’t want to go back to the most recent backup.) With an archived approach I think you need to use FTP (Transmit, etc.) to see them all.

It amazes me that not everyone uses this feature. A great way to provide some cheap insurance.


That’s a good tip. I use Transmit and have found the ‘oddly named’ folder. Incredibly useful. Thanks Matthew and Doug.

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