Troubles in publishing the changes made with Override banner (Rapidweaver 8 and Voyager pro)

Hi, and thank you for your time.
I´ve recently upgraded to Rapidweaver 8 from RW 7. Unfortunately I can’t override the banners I chose when I first uploaded the website, two years ago. The preview works fine with the changes I make, but when it comes to publishing (on a local folder) the new banner pics, they are all missing. When I upload the new folders to my website, I even find that other random images (that have really nothing to do with the page I’m currently working on) have been published.

I’ve tried wit CSS on page sidebar, with the “drag and paste”, and with the direct choice of the resources. It works, but just on Rapidweaver.
Could you please help me?

All the best and thank you once more,


Sorry, I’m not sure if I understand what you mean.

There is a tutorial on changing the banner image on Voyager Pro here

Just click on the ”Tutorials” tab and its the first one listed.

I don’t think that there is any need to be messing with CSS in order to change the banner on this theme. It should be merely drag and drop, and of course, republishing.

Did you try to republish all files?

If I remember RW8 puts the images for banners in the resource folder, since you are publishing locally and then uploading to the server separately, perhaps something isn’t getting uploaded.

Thank you Teefers,

It’s quite a honor being answered by you. Since I’ve started planning my website with RW, I’ve read a lot of your replies to other community members, and I’ve often found them very useful.
I hope you can help me now, too. I guess the problem is that the publishing is incomplete, as these two screenshots show:

The picture I wanted to use has never been published in the local folder I use for the upload.
What can I do to fix this problem?
Thank you (and cheers to Isaac Newton)


When you published to the local folder, did you try and publish all files?

The image should be in a folder called resources/ in the root directory of the site.

You should see the image when you click the resource button in Rapidweaver as well.

Yes, it’s there, in the resources folder. Do you think I should upload all the website and not just the files I want to change?

I think that would be the easiest fix at this point.

Thank you Teefers,
I’ll do it as soon as possible (I’m currently trying to change other stuff on my website) and will report what happens.
All the best

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