Basic question: Frameworks

I see all sorts of topics here about Foundry vs Foundation and whatnot. These are not very useful for newbies who are just getting their feet wet with RW.

How about a simple, straightforward explanation of what a framework is and why we would want to use one?

It’s great that RW is so extensible with plugins, stacks, frameworks, etc – but Realmac should provide some simple explanations of what these things all are and why one would make use of them.

So Frameworks are web developing tools that you can use actually without RapidWeaver. Foundation, Bootstrap and there are others as well. Foundation for RapidWeaver obviously uses Foundations framework. Foundry uses Bootstrap as it’s framework. What these kind of themes and stacks give you is the freedom to make a page look like how you want it. Most of the themes available for RapidWeaver have a template you have to follow, where the navigation goes, where banner images might be, where header stacks might be etc. These Framework themes give you the option to make your page how you like it. There are more than just Foundation and Foundry as well, there is also UI Kit, Pure and Bootsnap (search the RapidWeaver Community Page if you want to learn more about them).

Hope this helps.


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