Foundry over RW?

Please forgive my ignorance, but I cannot quite seem to understand what the difference is between Rapidweaver’s normal functionality with Stacks and Elixir Graphics’ “Foundry”. What IS Foundry beyond what RW already does? Is it so obvious that I am revealing my stupidity?


RW and the Stacks plugin give you a pretty solid base but a lot of people either want more functionality (and need to buy more stacks add-ons) or want more free-form flexibility than most built-in themes come with.

Foundry provides you with a blank slate (as opposed to conforming to a built-in theme) as the base for your project. Then, it comes with a healthy set of stacks that have all sorts of layout options and functions that the default Stacks plugin wouldn’t have as default.

They’re not really competitors (you can’t use Foundry without already having RW and Stacks, after all), Foundry is meant to enhance things by adding function and design flexibility and packaging it as one product.


There is a huge difference between “RW normal” and Foundry. Essentially RW is a template driven software for creating websites. As you know there are lots and lots of templates for sale.

Foundry, in essence, is a non-template template. It’s like starting with a blank page (with Stacks as your tools) instead of color-by-numbers. It (and Foundation) provide much more freedom in terms of how you create webpages.

Some prefer templates, but more and more folks (intermediate to advanced) are using the non-template open-ended approaches offered by Foundry and Foundation.

If you are perfectly happy with the template(s) you are using then Foundry is not needed by you. If you have ever wondered, or been frustrated, that your template does not allow you to easily accomplish some design goal … well, then, Foundry is likely your answer.


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