Newbie Question: Best freeform plugin?

Foundry or Foundation? Do I need to buy Stacks as well, or does either of these include stacks? Sorry if stupid!

The Foundation or Foundry discussion has come up quite a few times in the past. I don’t see the need to start another.

If you do a search, you’ll find some older topics, but here is one to get you started. Foundry / Foundation / UIKit / Bootsnap / Blueball Freestack: Which Framework to choose?

Both Foundation and Foundry rely on stacks (included) to build the pages. To be able to use stacks from Foundry/Foundation, you need the main Stacks plugin which is a separate purchase. So you’d need to buy Foundation or Foundry and then the Stacks plugin on top.


For someone who is relatively clueless (me!) which would you suggest? I’m not qualified to QA them against each other. Ease/intuitiveness is the key for me. I’m never going to do anything mega complex
Many thanks

If you’re really

Then I would suggest you start with one of the included themes, get stacks and learn a bit about how RapidWeaver works before jumping into the framework arena.

Get to the point that you’re “qualified”(you’re term) to ask questions.


Thanks; that’s the advice I was looking for!

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