Newbie Question: Best freeform plugin?

(Nick Harvey) #1

Foundry or Foundation? Do I need to buy Stacks as well, or does either of these include stacks? Sorry if stupid!

(Neil Egginton) #2

The Foundation or Foundry discussion has come up quite a few times in the past. I don’t see the need to start another.

If you do a search, you’ll find some older topics, but here is one to get you started. Foundry / Foundation / UIKit / Bootsnap / Blueball Freestack: Which Framework to choose?

Both Foundation and Foundry rely on stacks (included) to build the pages. To be able to use stacks from Foundry/Foundation, you need the main Stacks plugin which is a separate purchase. So you’d need to buy Foundation or Foundry and then the Stacks plugin on top.

(Nick Harvey) #3

For someone who is relatively clueless (me!) which would you suggest? I’m not qualified to QA them against each other. Ease/intuitiveness is the key for me. I’m never going to do anything mega complex
Many thanks

(Doug Bennett) #4

If you’re really

Then I would suggest you start with one of the included themes, get stacks and learn a bit about how RapidWeaver works before jumping into the framework arena.

Get to the point that you’re “qualified”(you’re term) to ask questions.

(Nick Harvey) #5

Thanks; that’s the advice I was looking for!

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