"Baukraft" Theme

How do I drop in my own custom image in the “Header Image Visability Section” of Baukraft theme and not use their default image?

It’s always much easier for folks to give you help if you provide a URL to a page. Even if it’s just a single test page.

Not familiar with that theme.

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@dcmom - I used to do this a lot with themes. Find your theme in the Theme draw ; right click on it and select “Show in Finder”. There should be an “Image” folder somewhere (usual in the root). You will have to find the exact image you want to change. Sometimes its easy & obvious. But if you double-click on the suspected image it will be displayed in Preview. I don’t know this theme, but some themes have deliberate empty jpgs for customers to add their town that can be selected from the Theme Options. Whatever - you must give your own image exactly the same name as the one you want to replace. Then drag it into the images folder to overwrite the one you want to change. Close the theme folder. I suggest you duplicate your theme and do this change on that.

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