How to change header image?

I’m used to building my own from Blank Theme, and am completely stuck with how insert my own image into the header image of the ‘Split’ theme? The stupid thing is I managed this about 6 months ago.

Any help much appreciated,


This should help.


Thanks - I knew it would be dead simple…

I use this code for the Header. Try it too.
The image also in Resources.

#intro #intro-background { background: url(%resource(your_image.jpg)%) no-repeat center center; background-size: cover; }


Thanks Oscar, this code is working perfectly.

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Hi, I’m in need of a header image too. Thanks for the codes above.
But there is still something wrong with my setup.
Using the CA Gothic V3 theme.

Tried both of the above codes and I only get a zebra placeholder type header image come up, like it can’t find the image. I put them in resources for each page. Perhaps its the pixel size it does not like??
Trying to translate from RW 5 to RW 7 and this is one of the things I’ve spent hours on.
Worked fine in RW 5 :slight_smile:

Any ideas? Trying not to go crazy over this !!

CA Gothic is a different theme from a different developer so I doubt that code would work. If you can give us a URL someone might be able to help but I’m pretty sure that’s an old theme now.

Thanks you for replying Rob!
It is interesting to hear that code can be specific to a theme.
Also that themes can go obsolete.
For example the audio player I used is not supported in V7 now.
I know little about code, hence jumping into rapid weaver!
Though in recent daysIve have been thinking website making would be just as fast learning code LOL.

Here is the URL:

This is made from V5.
I’m looking to publish from V7 or V8 if thats advisable.
I have a V7 session going, but it’s nowhere close to publishing.

Pretty keen to know how to get a header up, have spent too long today reading blogs and experimenting with no real learning.

Alternatively if the theme is not supported it would be good to know that too.
Then I would change it rather that try to preserve something that will just get more obsolete.

Hi Mark,

it’s probably not what you want to hear but I’d really consider switching to a more modern theme. CA Gothic isn’t responsive which means it doesn’t work properly on mobile devices so it’s harder for visitors to navigate. In addition, Google is starting to penalise non-responsive sites by favouring responsive ones. So if there’s another Doors tribute out there with a responsive site, they’ll be ranking higher than you!

I appreciate that may seem like extra work, but I’d seriously consider giving it a go.


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Hello Rob,

thanks heaps, your info solved my problem. Yes I’ll take the fact it’s getting obsolete in the ways you mention on board, and when a spare day comes along I’ll do it. I chose Gothic back then as I could get the whole screen black. For now your clue that the code is different for various styles led me on a quick hunt down for the relevant code and walla its working. A fix for now.

Thank you for your time Rob. That was driving me nuts at one point !!

My best,

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