Best Calendar Stack

What calander stack is best these days?

My client needs access via google calendar.

Current site uses Date Snap. But it does not expand the individual days on iphone.

Kalander looks good, but there seems to be some doubt that it shows all entries.

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I bought Kalander but cant seem to get it working with Foundry.

Has anyone had success witrh Kalander and Foundry?

When I linkt he Google calender the date area becomes all squished together.

I have figured it out.

Its seems my clients calendar has too much info it.
Her header is too long which forces the pink area to crash into the calendar part.
I just created a test calendar and it worked.
So I need to reduce the contents of my clients.
I’ll post info of solution incase anyone else has same problem

Yes. The title was too long. I have shortened it and now it no longer squishes.
However I now do not have the dots that mark the dates that have events. Viewable before clicking for more info

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