Kalendar Stack will not display correctly

(Jovita) #1

I’m feeling a little exasperated … I had been using the Event Calendar stack but while re-building my site found out that it’s no longer an option. Last night purchased the Kalendar Stack …

I’m using Rapidweaver (of course) and Foundation … all recently updated.

[Edit:] I would like to include our Google calendar on the website.

The Kalendar stack is just not working for me … when I preview it I get nothing … not even the current date is displaying correctly.

Any suggestions?

(Rob Beattie) #2

That’s one for @weavium - I’m sure they’ll be along soon to lend a hand.

(r) #3

I just used the kalendar stack on a recent project and is working fine (so far)
I used the iCloud > iCal method to get the link which stack uses to sync up the calendar.
Which method/calendar service are you using?

(Jovita) #5

sorry I forgot to mention that I am trying to load a google calendar … I’ve edited my post to reflect that.