Kalendar Stack will not display correctly

I’m feeling a little exasperated … I had been using the Event Calendar stack but while re-building my site found out that it’s no longer an option. Last night purchased the Kalendar Stack …

I’m using Rapidweaver (of course) and Foundation … all recently updated.

[Edit:] I would like to include our Google calendar on the website.

The Kalendar stack is just not working for me … when I preview it I get nothing … not even the current date is displaying correctly.

Any suggestions?

That’s one for @weavium - I’m sure they’ll be along soon to lend a hand.

I just used the kalendar stack on a recent project and is working fine (so far)
I used the iCloud > iCal method to get the link which stack uses to sync up the calendar.
Which method/calendar service are you using?

sorry I forgot to mention that I am trying to load a google calendar … I’ve edited my post to reflect that.

@peawink Hi there,

Can you send us a link to a test page by chance? It’s strange that the Kalendar is not showing up for you. Maybe we can take a look and get it solved quickly.

I would love to … but I’m having one of those days … :tired_face: I’ve uploaded the page but can’t figure out the address now?

I was able to upload the site and would love your input regarding the calendar … http://newdesign.gentsespruiten.com/page-4/calendar.php?lang=en

Hi there,

Thanks for uploading the site. I’m looking at your page now, and in the console I can’t see any errors specifically related to the Kalendar stack right away. The only error I see is something related to a javascript library called “vein” which looks like it is a part of the theme. I recommend testing out the Kalendar stack with a different theme to see if that solves the issue.

The theme is set to Foundation as I am using that as a base for my website. If I change the theme it would throw of the entire thing :confused:

I think what @weavium is suggesting is just a way to work out what the problem is. If it turns out to be a conflict with the theme, then @weavium and @joeworkman may be able to work together to solve it.


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Foundation is a complete framework, if you change the theme and use any of the included foundation stacks you probably are going to have a lot more errors then you do now.

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Yes. To test the stack, you need to start a new project, assign it a different theme and then copy and paste the Kalendar stack to that so it has the same settings. See if it works. If it does, then you’re on the way to understand what’s going wrong.

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You also are using RWML? Everything else looks to be vanilla foundations other than Kalendar?

You are getting that same error on other pages(home page , about, etc):

I’m worndering if there is a conflict between Something else and RWML. I would try and remove RWML and see if that clears up the error.

yes I am using RWML … it’s crucial to our site. I am not using RWML to translate the calendar (yet :wink: ) Kalendar is in a single foundation column.

You’re getting the error on every page I checked, even pages w/o kalendar.

That error might be braking kalendar but not creating other noticeable problems.

ugh … I’m going nuts :wink: … so I created a brand new page within my website. and started with the Kalendar stack. Voila … it displayed as it should. I added my site styles partial … and boom broken. :frowning_face:


The problem is that the Kalendar stack is loading its own version of jQuery that is incompatible with Foundation. It would not be an issue if Kalendar simply used that instance of jQuery that Stacks is loading.

I also notice that RWML is also loading its own instance of jQuery as well (albeit the same version that Stacks is loading). Maybe @willwood can fix that.

Loading 3 instances of jQuery is not ideal when it should only be loaded once. Also the current version of Foundation does not support jQuery 3.

Hey, Joe, thanks for your reply!! … although I admit some of it is greek to me :wink:

Hopefully both @weavium and @willwood can fix these issues on their end and I can finish our website. Pretty please :cherries:

In the meantime I’ll keep working at working at it … there is still a lot to do and fix. I’m learning a lot as I go. Thanks to everyone who chimed in!!!

Not possible to remove this extra jQuery call.

It comes in via the RWML Menu stack. The comments in the source code make it explicitly clear why it’s needed.

It’s there because sometimes the elements you want to translate (like a menu) aren’t immediately available for translation, as the page loads. So this is just a simple, sure-way of being able to capture those later loading things.

You could try moving the RWML Menu stack elsewhere on the page (above or below Kalendar) to see if it gives a different result.

However given that it appears the website is built with Foundations and has a really simple site structure, I’d propose putting in two RWML Wrapper stacks; one set to EN and the other to NL.

Then add two navigation bars to your website and change their links into the EN and NL translations. Put one navigation bar into your EN wrapper and the other navigation bar into your NL wrapper. Depending on which language is selected governs which navigation bar is shown in the page.

It all happens server-side with PHP, no Javascript involved. So then you can remove your RWML Menu stack, and potentially solve the Javascript error.

I don’t know if the navigation bar stack you are using simply reuses the same links RapidWeaver outputs or allows you to customise the text of the links shown for each language?

Upgrading to something like the Gator stack would let you change those link texts for each nav item - and fix the mobile menu compatibility problems you currently have in that website.

Thanks for your answer Will! I am going to wait and see if @weavium can fix their Query issue. Since before the calendar I wasn’t having a problem with the site. Ok, yes there’s an error somewhere that @teefers can see on every page but if it’s not visible to the public do I have to stress about it?

I love your stack and it’s working well for me … I’m almost afraid to open another can of worms by adding Gator, but if need be I’ll go that route. Just hoping to save the pennies and a little time as it would require a considerable re-build.