Best Layout Stack for Responsive Themes

Hi Everyone

I am working on a couple projects, and I am torn between using Foundation or a Theme. I really like Foundation and how all the add-on stacks work together. I also like the fact that Foundation has pretty much everything I need. The only downfall is I don’t want every project I work on to look more or less the same, and sometimes I would like to use a theme that will allow me to not worry about the design so much, and allow me to get the job done quickly. When I start working with themes, I seems to always be looking for stacks that help me layout my content as good as Foundation. I either need to by additional stacks or just make due with what comes out of the box with RW.

I currently have “Structure” for laying out responsive content, but it seems to be missing some valuable features that is offered by Foundation. I am currently looking for a better option, but before I spend more money I want to be sure I am getting the best responsive layout stack available.

I am looking at Joe Workman’s “Responsive Layouts” vs. Nick Cates “Production” stack.

I would love to know exactly what setting are available and what offers the best solution for laying out content with a responsive theme (Non Foundation obviously).

If anyone has any screen shots on these options that would be awesome. I have a feeling that Foundation layouts have more options than a general fluid layout because of the framework it is built on. Maybe I am just expecting too much from these fluid layouts stacks.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Also something to take a look at is structure of elixer.

Susses with building a nice responsive site.

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Hi Peter,

I think you’ve pretty much answered your own question there. Unless you’re as talented as a theme designer then there is a definite possibility that all your Foundation designs will end up looking similar. Personally I know my limitations and prefer to go with themes designed by real professionals at the top of their game. This also means I have fewer choices to make and can concentrate on what matters the most in any project and that is the content.

Tell us which features you are missing. The more specific you are, the more specific we can be in our response. There are many responsive layout suites and column stacks out there and Structure is as good as any of them, if not better.

Maybe you are. It’s all about the content you want to put in them — and the content for every project is unique, with different aims and demands that determine layout priorities and hierarchical structure. As such I always feel it’s better to let the content dictate which stacks I need in order to achieve those particular aims and needs.


Maybe this is another option?

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These are all Foundation sites done by me and trust me I’m no designer!
I go looking for sites I like and then blatantly copy their designs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is my own site, it’s unfinished with a lot of placeholder text

I don’t think you could say that “they all look the same”


@PaulRussam: Nice work, Paul — and you’re right, they don’t look similar at all!


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VERY nice work! Wow! They communicate well IMHO.