Best themes for responsive sites (incl. mobile)

Dear rapid-weaver-users,
I search a responsive theme which can make a responsive site that looks good on the mac and the iPhone.

If this would be your decision, which one would you use and why?

Best regards!

If you like to be in control of all aspects of the theme, One of the freeform themes, of which Foundry by Elixir Graphics is my favourite.

If you want an out of the box solution, and like me, you like minimal design in a theme. Ruby by Elixir Graphics is my favourite.

I like the content to be the centre of attention and not the theme’s chrome. For me layout, font, and colour is what matters in the theme.

Like Foundry, Foundation by Joe Workman is a freeform theme. It is well established with a thriving community and great free stacks by Big White Duck (there are some great free stacks for ALL themes at BWD as well). Foundation is based off of the Foundation Framework by Zurb (Foundation 5), which is built on the mobile first idea.

Is there any one page opportunity ?

For a one page site, I’d recommend the Screens suite of stacks by Joe Workman. There are others but this is easiest I’ve ever used.


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It doesn’t work well on mobile devices…

If you do go ahead with one of the freeform suites (Foundry, UiKit, Foundation) there are lots of projects that you can buy that are ready to go. With Foundation (I don’t have the other two yet), there are several one-page styles from @webdeer ( and @hipsterweaver has one called Zest that is an excellent one-pager.

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In what way doesn’t it work well?