Best Personal Portfolio Theme (For Actor)

Hi Everyone

I have to build a basic portfolio website for a client’s kid. He is in one movie and doesn’t have a lot to go along with his very brief bio. I need to incorporate and large head shot, bio, photo gallery, blog, and contact page.

The site will not have a of text, but I want it to seem full.

I usually use Foundation for most of my work… but I was thinking that there has to be a theme that already exists for this type of project.

If anyone has and ideas or samples for personal portfolio themes or something that would be great for an actor site, please let me know.


Screens might work. It’s generally better with limited content. I think you can achieve the same effect with the free Sections/Magicgellan stacks as well.

Or Hipster Weaver has a Quads theme that might be a good option…

Thanks, I will go check them out. This should be easy… but fore some reason it’s driving me nuts. I am used to working with a lot of content and conventional layouts.