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Having upgraded from RW 6 to RW 8 for some reason the there are a whole bunch of problems (see other thread) and it looks as if the best solution would be to start from scratch. My old website is and as you can see is all about photography. Any recommendations for a new theme to try that works well as a portfolio/gallery?


Sorry if this isn’t helpful and a little off topic …
I love this site although it’s not a RW theme or even the best form for a photography site. Still it sticks with me. And this too.
It seems there is a lot you can do with a very minimalist blank theme.
I also might stick with one of the newer built in themes if you are going that route.

Try this…old Foundation 1
Ivy 2 stack and an older warehouse gallery stack.
See what you thank:

Why not have a wander around the Community site for ideas?

Here’s a selection of themes tagged with ‘photography’

Of course you may also find you need a good gallery stack, for example Gallery 3 -

And my personal go-to for images of different shapes and sizes, Montage 2 (

Good luck



I am pretty sure that @Lucas has some themes that are made for photographers in mind.

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@joeworkman is correct. @Lucas has some awesome themes created specifically for photography content.

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Yes! These are the best that I have seen so far.

Thank you




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Thanks for the mention guys :grinning:

I have used Walter2 for my daughter’s conservation site. Simple, clean, gorgeous. Perfect

I offer no help for your theme question but wanted to let you know that I love the photo you currently have at this link, totally awesome!:

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