Trendy Personal Design Portfolio Site Ideas

Hi Party People

I enjoy being self employed most of the time, but I could use some steady income and social interaction with real live people. I have been looking for work, but I think I need to give myself a hip new personal website portfolio for myself. Everything I have is on my freelance comply website and I don’t think that is helping me.

What I need to do is move my best work from my Rood’s Media site, over to my personal site.

With that said, I was wondering if the fine people in this community could give me some inspirational ideas for such a project.

My current site is

I would love to see cool portfolio samples, great RW stacks or plugins, anything else that would be inspirational.

Thanks in advance for helping my brainstorm.

No traction on this. I was hoping I could drum up some interest.


Hey Peter

It would be difficult perhaps for developers to give away their site ideas based on the requirement of having a link to view… copying is the highest respect but a disrespect at the same time.

So, my suggestion to you is to go to the various developers websites (some have reference pages to work performed), have a look around and figure out what stacks/theme they are using.

It really depends on how far you want to go, you could use Foundations, BootStrap or Pure to start with a clean slate and start building from there for a totally customized look, or you can start with a template, modify the images, padding, margins, etc, add a few stacks (cards perhaps, filter, jet, reflow, optic stats). I really like the Tilt Theme but haven’t the ability to purchase it yet, Majestic is nice to work with, but those are my only recommendations/likes that I am considering for a personal site. Business site I would use Foundations, BootStrap or Pure (in that order) for granular control of content without having the influence of anyone else for a unique page view…

Just my thoughts on the subject… lots of Themes, stacks, plugins on the community site to choose from, make a picture in your mind of what you want it to do and buy what you need to accomplish it.


Flipping through the gallery in the community site is always a good start for me. If you’re looking for a theme/template, a good chunk of them seem to be aimed at displaying portfolios (though maybe more photography than website projects perhaps)…

I’m sure there are lots of great layout ideas and stack suggestions but, more and more, it seems a key to a “trendy looking” site (or at least ones that appeal to me right away) is a great logo and/or some striking imagery/icons. That’s a little tougher to make suggestions on…