Best Rapidweaver solution for full screen panoramas?

I’m using the Tesla Theme to display a portfolio of 360 full screen panoramas. I use Pano2VR to author these panoramas. Pano2VR outputs a folder full of HTML code, images, etc. Each pano-project lives in a separate folder on my website, a warehousing solution if you like. Some pano-projects are quite large and have multiple images, tours, links, videos, etc.

In the Tesla theme I have built simple pages containing static thumbnails of each pano. If the user clicks on an image it opens the pano-project in a new window or tab in their browser. They have to close this to get back to the main site.

I’d been keen for any constructive feedback on this arrangement :slight_smile:

I’m not really keen on opening a separate page, but due to the nature of the files I can’t really see a way round this. Some kind of better thumbnail gallery would be a better option? Can the existing gallery functions be made to open a new page?

Thanks for any feedback!!

The site is:


I like the site looks nice. I have a Pano coming in via stack on in the Superflex 3 slide show on the front page.its the last slide. I bet you could create a more elaborate stack page to come in to have a link to full page. This is why I like suprerflex 3 I can add any content.

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Not sure if it’s what you are looking for @Keith but I have a panorama stack:

It’s another option :slight_smile:

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I did a website a few years back using RapidWeaver and Pano2VR … if I remember rightly I similarly had a static image that viewers clicked on and opened the full screen pano (but not in a new tab or window). Then I created a close button in Pano2VR that went back to the page with the static image. So have another look at Pano2VR and look at creating a button and assigning an action to it (i.e. go back to previous page).

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Thanks for the responses. Building a back button in Pano2VR sounds like an interesting option, I’ll investigate !

I´m looking for panorama stack as well, but in your solution which looks quite easy to implement, I´m actually missing 2-dimensional-interaction. Looking up and down…
If your stack updates like that, I would be a great fan!


Thanks @emquadrat and noted! If we could do that we will :slight_smile: