Creating A Photographer Site

I’m considering using Rapidweaver to build my new site. I’d like it to use my existing site as a jumping off point but having trouble wrapping my mind around the work flow to achieve this. I’m more interested in replicating the gallery pages as opposed to the main page. The built in themes don’t really fit the bill. I’m sure I’m missing something but is there a place to start with a blank slate or is there a pre-built theme that could do the initial heavy lifting?

Any help would be appreciated.


You would probably need the stacks plugin if you don’t already have that. There’s a number of great gallery stacks:

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Thanks Doug. I had already pulled those up. I guess I’m looking more for an overall template or framework as opposed to plugins initially. Is there a blank project or do I have to use an existing theme and modify?

Here’s a good place to start looking for a suitable built-in theme.

If you know a bit about coding, there are blank themes - Themeflood and Joe Workman both do one - that let you start with a completely blank slate but I’d suggest you’re really not using RW in the way it was intended.

Blank themes like Foundry and Foundation however, come with lots of elements for handling navigation, layout, slideshows, photos, lightboxes, animation, pop-ups, accordions etc. so you get all the freedom of an empty page but all the advantages of using Rapidweaver. Like @teefers, I’d agree that that Stacks plugin is an absolute must.


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Thanks Rob, I have a masochistic streak that gets me in trouble at times which Is why I’m asking first. :wink:

I think I agree with you regarding the blank slate and should probably look beyond the built in themes.


Look at for photo-oriented themes…

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If you have stacks, then I would set up the Gallery kinda the way you want that to look.

I would head on over the Themeflood and/or SeyDesgn both operated by @willwood and both offer free demo versions of every theme. Pick a few and try them out with “your Gallery” stack.


Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Thanks Doug, I’ll look into them.

Thanks for the mention! Yes most of the addons I have available for RapidWeaver are split between,,, and Most are mine, but I do act as a reseller for a couple of other developers who have me host some of their wares. Everything for sale is accompanied by a free demo version, so there is never a danger of buying something that did not look or work as you were expecting. If you have questions about anything, feel free to drop me an email.

More themes are in the pipeline - both major updates to some themes that have not been available for a while and a couple of new designs. I’ll also be publishing some more details shortly about the new RWSkinz stack / theme framework which you absolutely don’t want to miss! :grin:

Until this point, quite a lot of announcements have been postponed until RapidWeaver 8 was released. Now that the beast is out of the cage, activity will certainly ramp-up for the next several weeks. There are some exceptionally incredible things to come - many of which will still be backwards compatible with RW6 / RW7.

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