Looking for an image display stack


I’m looking for a stack to display images of a product like the example of garden furniture on this site:
The effect I want is top left of the page with the vertical thumbnails opening a larger neighbouring image. I’m not bothered about the zoom feature and could probably do this anyway using a zoom stack.

I have (and used to use) ‘RW Extras’ ‘showcase Ultra’ which did a similar sort of thing but so far as I can see it’s not been updated in a long time, does not appear to be responsive, nor does it handle warehoused images easily which is a pre-requisite.

I’ve messed around with JW’s Moving Box using @zeebe 's highly informative instructions on running two instances of the stack with one vertical and syncing. It’s about as close as I’ve got but it’s not perfect for my requirements and I think may be code-heavy to use over dozens of project pages.

I’m happy to create thumbnails manually so if anyone has any bright ideas as to how I could build this manually (as opposed to a dedicated stack) I’m open to ideas.
One premise would be clicking on a thumbnail opening a full-sized image in a neighbouring image stack.

I’m also open to paying a dev to create a stack for my needs.

‘Cheers for your ears’

I was just about to recommend MovingBox for this. What about this solution was it not right for you? I don’t think that moving box is any more code heavy than any other solution out there.


My project file is 250MB even with all images warehoused. I was at the point of either splitting it or giving up on RW because of beach-balling and general tardiness but ‘up-grading’ to El Capitan solved all of these problems. I am still very aware that it’s huge by most RW site standards, (it certainly takes a long time to load) and I try to keep effects to a ‘minimum’ with this in mind.

I’ll be using this project display solution over hundreds of pages so I figured that a nice simple solution would be best.
Moving Box is great but most of it’s features will not be used and I’ll be adding it twice per page over these hundreds of pages?

  • Does that not add a lot of unnecessary ‘baggage’ to each page and also weigh heavy on the whole site?

You can have 1 or 5 instances of MovingBox on the page. With 5 you don’t get 5x the code bloat. I cannot speak for every developer, however, I code my stacks so that all subsequent instances have very little overlap. So If MovingBox is the solution here, I would use it. I am sure that you could build a partial that will help you get it all setup much faster and more maintainable.

Based on your recommendation I’m now using Moving Box as suggested.

It’s taken a while to get the settings sorted but I’m now up to speed and transforming product pages into something compact and contemporary. I’ll post a sample once I’ve got a batch finished (the image manipulation is the monotonous bit).

Looking good so far. Thanks for the advice.

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There is a Weaverpix theme called Product Gallery (not listed on their demos page) which would appear to fit your desired requirements except that the thumbnails are below the main image not in a vertical line beside. Not sure if it is mobile friendly.

Not quite what you describe but great for a display of multiple products is The Light Page stack by Nick Cates Design. Seriously mobile friendly.



Thanks for that Lang. I’ll check them out.

I have in the meantime adapted a fair number of pages using two instances of JW’s Moving Box and it’s working well and adds very little ‘weight’ to the pages.