Best Video & Photo Blog Theme?

Hey - Happy New Year!

We would like to create a new website where we will over time post interesting videos (linking to YouTube, Vimeo etc) and photos on a variety of subjects.

So the website would have a Home page plus some tabs (e.g. for categories of subjects). Key thing is that we do not want the ‘classic blog’ style where you get one article followed by another (underneath and one after each other) … we would like a sort of fluid grid where the latest video/photo is in a larger box and older ones in a stack/grid of boxes to the right and elsewhere. The ‘boxes’ should show an image linking to the full video/photo and also have the usual Share options underneath plus a small amount of text.

Should also (of course nowadays!) be responsive and very fast loading!

We would also like the ability to have other areas of the page reserved for e.g. Facebook or LinkedIn frame links.

This is quite a good example website: but we would like something a bit more modern and clean design.

ALSO! Like in a blog, one of the key important features needs to be easy updating, i.e. to be easily able to post a new video or photo together with any accompanying text and this should automatically update the whole website (i.e. display this latest post in the NEW POSTS section and move the previous latest post to any ‘EARLIER POSTS’ section etc … we would not of course want to manually shuffle everything around each time we post a new article).

Any suggestions for a good easy to implement theme?