Themes with automatically changing still images at the top of the page

I hope this is an acceptable way to ask for help. I’ve tried searching themes from various designers, but I’ve not yet found any that meet my specs. My client is using a site he has found that he loves and asking if I can do something like this: I realize that as a design firm, they may very well have created this or had it custom designed for their needs, however, I remain hopeful that one of our creative designers for RW might already have something that is close. If you know of an existing theme that is similar in function, I would love to hear about it. Thanks in advance to all who might help me.

I think what you’re asking about is a theme with a slider, is that right?

What is it that they like? That site was built with a CMS (open source) product Do they need the ability to make changes. Is it just the Slider on top? the split navigation?

A lot of this site could be replicated with one of the frameworks out like Foundry or Foundations.
There may be a convenstional theme that will do what they want as well.

You could definitely do with Foundry. Probably Foundation also.

This could definitely work for the first page. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Doug, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I think you hit the target. The post immediately following yours from Mathew indicates the same thing, so with two data points, I think I have a straight line targeting a viable solution or two. Thanks, again.

Hi Mathew. Thanks for hitting the target so quickly. See my response to Doug above, as I believe you both came up with the same recommendation within a relatively short time. I’ll take a close look at both options. It would have taken me hours to find these on my own, if ever. Take care to all three of you who kindly responded with meaningful assistance and guidance.

Using either Foundry or Foundation would be a good choice - and you’ll end up with a site that is properly responsive; which this one isn’t.

I think you can achieve this with the Freestyle banners on some of the Themeflood themes

More info and demos here

Agree… if you don’t want to get into Foundry or Foundation the ThemeFlood themes work great. I’m sure there are others but these are what I’m familiar with…

Thanks, I’m checking all the suggestions out, including yours. Thanks for your suggestion.

I’m checking this out as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

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