Best way to create animated logo with several layers

I would like to create an animation of a logo where the various components (2 letters, 2 squares, a subline) all animate together to form the final logo. Which stack would be the best tool to do this - and how? I have seen something similar on the Jet Stack Demo page ( but can’t figure out how I can get multiple layers to be placed on to of each other.

Did you download the project file?

yes, but that area unfortunately isn’t included…

@therealmf I will add a small project file containing the jet engine animation to the demo page for download on Monday 11th, when I get back from the weekend.

Note: This can not be achieved with the Jet stack alone. You need a means of placing each part of the element (the jet engine parts in this case) directly on top of each other to start with. In the demo page I used our Eternity stack, with each part as a background image of Eternity, and multiple eternity stacks nested inside each other to build the parts one on top of another. Then its just a case of animating each eternity stack by wrapping them in Jet stacks. It’s quite involved, but the results are pretty cool.

The attached image should give you the general idea :


Very cool, that you revealed how it was done. I’d be thankful for a demo project to peek inside. And now I’ll hop over to your site to check out Eternity. Thanks again!