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Thanks Mathew. I will look again at Foundry / Poster, but together - aren’t they more than $100?

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I haven’t finalized on a theme yet. There are some of the new RW8 themes that I like, but I definitely need more customization than they appear to have on the surface. To see where I’m coming from, my wife’s current site – I built around 2010, is

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Themes and blogging are really 2 different issues. Poster will work with any theme (or any theme I know of). Alloy will only work with Foundry. I believe Poster is $39 so that’s very affordable.

… when it comes to themes that’s a different story. Yes, Foundry is (I think) about $85. But it is very free form. You can do tons with it. Foundation also is free form. I don’t remember the price of it off the top of my head. Essentially the “free form” themes will cost more, but give you a lot more flexibility.

Another possible great option for you when working with regular themes is by Will Woodgate. His themes are quite flexible, and he has also made some special stacks that extend the flexibility of his themes. This will certainly be a more affordable way to move forward relative to Foundry/Foundation. Worth checking out.

I’m sure Poster works very nicely with any of Will’s themes.

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Great answers Mathew. I have a lot now to focus on.

I must say, it is a bit of a shock to come back to RW, and see – compared to app prices for example – how expensive the add-on bits and pieces have become - possibly 5 times more than 10 years ago… sigh… I wish I knew the developer’s strategy. Do they want to place RW between a WP site, and a custom made site? Beats me. Anyway, thanks for the tips.

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The reason for this is the complexity of the solution. Total CMS costs $99 but its also taken me over 3 years of hard work to get it to this point. I am very confident that its price point provides immense value. If you compare the stacks that I ship now with the ones from 10 years ago, there is no comparison. My new products are much more sophisticated, powerful and better in every stretch of the imagination.

I don’t want to take this thread off onto a tangent but I wanted to address your question. Good luck with the new blog! I wish you luck.

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David: First @joeworkman made some great points that apply to almost all developers.

I don’t think the pricing is more than WordPress quality themes and add-ons. It’s just that the pricing model (overall) is very different. For example, there’s a wonderful WordPress page-builder called Elementor. It’s $50. It’s a free-form approach much like Foundation and Foundry.

… but that $50 price is if you are using on only 1 site, and covers only 1 year. So the real price is $50 per year. Not terrible, but not cheaper than products here. In addition, most of the products with RW can be used on as many sites as you want. Not so in the WordPress world. There’s a very different price for Elementor (and other products) if you want to use on 5 sites or unlimited sites.

Realistically the prices here (in my view) are cheaper than WordPress quality products. I realize you are likely only making one website, but for folks creating many websites for a variety of clients RapidWeaver is a “deal”.

Finally, as Joe mentions, the quality of products from developers is lightyears ahead of what was available 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even probably 3 years ago. There’s truly outstanding work being done.

I realize you still need to work within your budget. That’s understandable. And I realize you may have some hard decisions ahead. But the pricing is reasonable given everything at play.

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I agree Joe made some excellent points. Food for thought.

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