Blogging w/ Foundation

My new site is coming along and I’m really pleased with the Foundation theme’s flexibility. It’s a bit quirky but overall it’s easy to use and I like what I’m getting.

That said, I haven’t figured out how to style a couple of blogs that I want to add to the site — a podcast and a BTS look at what goes on here. I’d like them to match or (at least) complement the rest of the site. Is this possible with Foundation?


The SRO Show

I was curious if you managed to have a Blog within the Foundation theme?

Never did. And the SRO Show was cancelled so I never figured out how to do a blog with Foundation. Sorry I can’t help.

Check out Poster Stack to blog with Foundry or Foundation:


There are lots of options now for blogs with Foundation.
See this FAQ

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I recommend Poster stack too.
It really replaces the blog plugin and has fantastic options on top!


I use @instacks for my blog in Foundation: