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I’m fairly new to RW and haven’t yet set up my blogs. I have several domains, most of them with blogs. I’ve been using Foundation and am quite happy with it, especially with the active community and the developer who is really engaged. I originally intended to use Foundation CMS for my blogs, but then discovered that the price is per domain, not per user.

So then I searched for an alternative and found Poster, which had some good reviews. But then I discovered that there’s no community and only a limited set of tutorials, and I’m having a hard time getting my head around how it works.

On some of my domains, I need to place a summary of blog posts selected by keywords each post is tagged with on a page completely unrelated to the blog. The Foundation developer said that would be no problem, so now I’m reconsidering. So a couple questions:

  1. Does anyone know if Poster can do what I just mentioned?

  2. I have no need for CMS because I never post anything from a browser; it’s all from my Mac. Are there other good blogging stacks that work with Foundation and can do what’s noted above, but don’t charge per domain?


Hello, you’re right here. Or on inStacks - RW4ALL — RapidWeaver For All

Poster Stack isn’t that difficult to use that it needs several tutorials.

Yes, with the RSS integration Sitemap, RSS Feed, and iTunes Podcast

I use both blog versions:

Poster is easy to set up, TotalBlog is much more difficult to setup, but you can edit content in the browser, which is not possible with Poster. And TotalBlog has far more options and a better integration into a page layout @instacks: Didn’t you want to develop this in future times with the ability to edit in the browser…? TotalBlog requires one licence per domain, Poster you can use for as many domains as you like. Neither TotalBlog nor Poster needs a database.

Wich one is better depends on your requirements

Exactly, and it is long overdue. Lately my time was spend on a CMS system for another Mac Web Design app. I am only able to handle one big project at a time, and the next one will be the online editor for Poster.


Excellent, Jannis! Waiting for my confirmation email now from the forum.

As for not needing several tutorials, that may be true for those coming from more similar backgrounds, but I originally started blogging on iWeb, then on Sandvox, and while they certainly had less power, they also let me do a number of unconventional things like nesting blogs within blogs within blogs to create a bookstore organized by topic and subtopic, for example. I’m not currently seeing how to do things like these, but will post to the forum once I’m on.

As for the need to have blog summaries based on post tags on pages totally unrelated to the blog I’ll look into the RSS integration link you posted. That’s something I was never able to do with Sandvox, so if Poster can do that, that would be great news.

Just curious how long the forum confirmation email normally takes to arrive? I’ve checked my junk folder, of course.

Anxious to see what you do. I’m familiar with your other work. Excellent work in progress. Just don’t want to invest in another platform. :grinning:


Hi Steve,
I too had multiple domains with blogs. I use Poster on all of them now, and indeed multiple times on one site, and in different ways. I think of Poster more in terms of a visual database than a blog. Coupled with stacks you can create whatever look you need I think. I haven’t got around to Poster v2 yet as my time is limited but v1 functions just fine for me. No setting up (just get typing) and being able to submit a Poster feed to Google as a sitemap is a real bonus.

Teachers Blog (a regular blog)
Flash Cards Store (with ECWID stacks)
Math Resources (videos)

rw4all forum has always been super supportive :slight_smile:

Hope there are some ideas there.



Cheers Tim :smiley:

Sounds great!

Hi @timtempest

I’d certainly advise upgrading to Poster2 when you are able, the speed difference and functionality between Poster 1 and Poster 2 is simply ‘night and day’.



I really like Poster2 as well. VERY easy to setup. I had one question and email support was quick to respond.
I also like Alloy3, but you need to use that with Foundry.

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@csmltd Oh yes, the feature set is very tempting… it’s the time to do it all that is not. If I remember correctly I need to remake each entry. It’s not just a matter of installing the new version.

I think that’s a glass of wine / summer holiday job :slight_smile:

Thank you


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