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I am using Foundation and RW 7. I want to include a blog page but am having trouble doing so - no blog page available, just a stacks page. If I try to change the page to a different theme (one with a blog page capability) Foundation will not let me - it keeps blocking me.

So how can I switch themes with Foundation to allow for a blog page?

Any ideas?


You can get Total CMS, which will includes a blog (PM me if you purchase as the current release version doesn’t, but I can get you access to the Release Candidate that does include it). You can see a video of an overview of the blog here:

Let me know if you have any questions.


Not what I am looking for. I want to include a blog page on my existing site created using Foundation. And the “new blog page” would then be part of the existing navigation menu. Thus CMS solution looks like a stand alone solution.

Sorry to say @desert99mac99, you can not be more wrong. Watch these 3 videos that show you how to include it into a Foundation project:
Getting Started With Total CMS Video One
Getting Started With Total CMS Video Two
Getting Started With Total CMS Video Three

Now, the one that talks about the Blog is Video Three, but I would still watch all 3 videos, in fact, I would watch these three as well, they start the Getting Started Series
Getting Started With Foundation Video One
Getting Started With Foundation Video Two
Getting Started With Foundation Video Three

You will easily see how Total CMS is NOT a stand alone solution. Also check out this page:
CMS Demo Page
Made entirely of Foundation and Total and Easy CMS. I believe this is the solution that will work best for you.


So I watched all of the videos and … too many questions; too short a time. But the short answer is that it looks like more than I need. I am the only one who will be making changes to the blog (call it job security if you like!)

I just want a blog as part of an existing web site created with Foundation. So I tried to create a new web page called Blog using a different theme but Foundation will not let me. I keep getting a bar across my screen saying something like you need to use foundation. I also tried doing this with RW 703 and ran into problems ( screen froze). I have gone back to RW 702, but have not tried to create a blog using RW 702 – a little skittish.

Thanks for listening

see this FAQ


Thanks for your time. You have given me a lot to consider.

I still think the BEST solution for you is the Total CMS with the Blog. It is very easy to setup. Yes, the price is high, but if it comes to a point where your client is giving you too many requests, this could be a great way to pass it to them. Total CMS and Blog are SO integrated into Foundation, there are color options for you if you use Foundation and a lot more. I understand it seems like a LOT to learn, but believe me it is worth it. Also, the project file that you see Joe make in the Getting Started with Total CMS I can send to you, so you can easily copy out those stacks from that project file and paste them into your own, so you do not have to design your own admin pages.

Just something more for you to consider.

It depends what you want to do with your blog.

I changed my old RW project to foundation some time ago and had RW blog pages with lots of entries.
For me the easiest way was and is to integrate the existing RW blog page with plus kit and the @import function.
Ok, i don’t have tags etc. pp. but for me and an easy blog it is convinient.

Hi @desert99mac99

have a look at Pulse CMS from @yuzool also: ⚡ Pulse CMS Integration for RapidWeaver ⚡

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If you’re the only one who is going to be making changes to your blog then I’d suggest the Microblog stack from Stacks4Stacks.

It allows you to integrate a Tumblr blog into a Stacks-based site and it’s free.


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I don’t think there is an easy way to add the inbuilt RW Blog to a Foundation site but some users have managed to do it using Pluskit.

The MicroBlog is a great way to add a basic blog if you are OK with the Tumblr interface and the reliance on Tumblr.

I have just added a PulseCMS blog & CMS to a Foundation site and this was by far the easiest and quickest blog I have used. Literally, you edit a text file, and add a folder to your server and you are done. There is a video that claims it is a 3 minute setup but you will find yourself with time to spare:) When you consider that it also adds Login security, CMS text & images, Sliders, Galleries, backup, an editable Contact Form and Newsletter Signup as well as a Mac admin App , it is very impressive. Using the Instacks solution, the current cost is less than $30/domain which is money very well spent considering how quick and easy it is to use. The icing on the cake is that you can use PulseCMS to build a fully featured Gallery using Gallery3.

TotalCMS does some more specific things and is $100/domain.

It’s become very hard to make a decision to choose “the best” Blog with so many great solutions available now. They are all really good, but you need to clearly define exactly what features you want before deciding on a solution.


It is possible to add WP-Blog to a Foundation page via PlusKit. It requires a Wordpress install and some additional tweaking. I’ve indicated how in another thread, which you should find if you search on WP-Blog. For an example look at the home pages here or here .

‘Importing’ a RW Blogs page into a Stacks or Foundation page can ‘easily’ be down with an iFrame Stack.
Well… easily – but not without a tweak here and there.


When you import another page into an iFrame you get header and a lot of stuff you probably don’t want… so you’ll have to find a theme for the blog that has an option to turn off the things you don’t want ‘imported’ or you’ll have dive down the css to tweak the theme (custom css). This is the solution I’ve chosen… iFrame & Tweak.

Using Pluskit to import a blog into a Stacks page is a No Go. You’ll run into problems when the Blog plugin does it’s job!

But the other way around as mentioned – importing someting (like a stacks page) into a blog plugin page – will work. You just need to find out where to put the pluskit @import.

Online blog solutions are great solutions. But if you have a RW Blog with hundreds of post you’d like to keep, the iFrame solution is probably the fastest and easiest.

With the arrival of RW 8, I’d like to reopen this conversation. And before I start, I cannot afford $100+ per site.

What are your detailed requirements?

See also RW8 Themes perfect for blogging (not only with Poster Stack)

This is for my wife’s photo site. She wants to publish periodic “newsletter” and enable “secure” comments - ie, a reader has to have a verified email account. I also want to be able to style the page so that it is integrated into the rest of the site.

That’s actually a nice use case :+1:

Should the whole blog be secured with username/password?
Would be a Disqus comment integration fine, or do you need an own authentication option?

What theme are you using? If using Foundry there’s both the Poster stack and Alloy stack. For other themes there’s the Poster stack (not Alloy). There may be some other choices out there. But Poster and Alloy are way below $100, both work great, and you can use on multiple sites.

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I’ll have to check, as I haven’t used Discus in a while, but from what I remember, it most likely suffice. Thanks for the help!