Best way to track site visitors

I’m looking for an inexpensive way to track the number of visitors to a website each month. It would also be good to know which pages receive the most traffic. No IP or personal data is needed, just numbers. This is simply to get a rough idea of how many people are using the site.

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This is a nice simple way to do it.

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Thanks @robbeattie, however, it doesn’t seem to record a timeline or date?

No, it’s just cumulative.

There’s always Google Analytics or if you don’t like the GDPR implications of that, you can host Matomo on your own site. Both of these may be waaayyy over the top for your needs.

Install it yourself on your own server, then add to as many sites as you wish. It has good GDPR options.

There’s always Statcounter
It’s free for the most recent 500 visits I think.

I use Statcounter on 8 sites, excellent as a guide on visitors, pages hit, browser used, screen res, device used, length of time on site etc, easy to add to your site, can integrate with Google Stats, very customisable and, as @richardnicholls says, only the last 500 kept for the free account. Best tracker out there IMO.

Thank you all! Really helpful.

I went to look at my hosts options for possibly installing Matomo and low and behold they have a free stats service that I only needed to activate. So I have activated and will see if that does what I need it to.

Really appreciate all the help!

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