Monitoring Site traffic

Is there a stack or piece of kit that monitors website traffic. I’m on Rapidweaver 7

Soon. Not any more this year though.


Doobox has a “Stats” stack that might suit your needs


Thank you Neil, looks like just the thing. Enjoy your day. Dave

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If you don’t mind a bit of easy setup on your hosting try Matomo. It’s free and can give you a lot more detail (visitor location, language, pages looked at, device and a lot more) and email you a report every week/month etc.


Thank you Paul, I’ll take a look

The easiest and cheapest to use is Google Analytics. Its 100% free and powerful. I use Matomo though. I personally try to stay away from Google as much as I can.


With the right provider it should be built in. For example, our web hosting includes full stats, you just log into the control panel and can view them there, no software, no add-ons needed. Other providers do this as well, and you don’t have to add anything to your page. Let me know if you’re interested in our hosting, we do deals for RW users.


Matomo (formerly Piwik) is free(open source). It does require installation, but it’s easy The 5-minute Matomo Installation. They also offer cloud based (paid)services, and paid professionals onetime (paid) installation help if you need it. The data gathered by your site stays under your control and isn’t shared with any other organization. This will ensure your customers privacy.

Google Analytics might seem free and easy, and it’s true that there’s no monetary charge to you, but Google does nothing for free. They offer Analytics to track what your customers are browsing and what interests them when they’re on your site. You see, even if someone found your site via a google search, once they start navigating to and from your pages google can’t track them unless you’re using Google Analytics.

So the hidden costs of Google Analytics your customers privacy.


In the EU, in regards to GDPR, you would need to inform your customers of this service, and create a “data exchange contract” with Google about that.

I am currently building a website analytics/statistics plugin for RapidWeaver, which allows you to have full control over the data, and zero installation efforts. Stay tuned!


Thank you for your reply.

Have you used this. I can’t make it work even though on the face of it, it’s the simplest stack for setting up I’ve ever seen. Tried a couple of times to contact the site but no reply

Have you set up the admin page? It needs to be a separate page with the Stats stack set to admin mode on that page only.

Also, make sure there’s a Stats stack on each page you want to monitor (these should not be in admin mode).

I have a stack on my home page set to record and an admin page with the stack set to admin. (Nothing else on that page) It seems simple enough but doesnt want to record. Ive tried messaging #doobox but not heard anything

I’ve just tried it on my test site. I set it on 2 pages only, plus an admin page. It’s recording hits on the 2 pages I set it up on.

Maybe you could try it on a test page with no other stacks/content on. Something on the page could be blocking it.

I’ll try that thanks

If all else fails, let’s hope @Doobox can point you in the right direction.

Uiii, sehr cool. Darauf bin ich ja mal bespannt! :slight_smile:

ZZ nutze ich immer nur Piwik/Matomo für div. Projekte …
Die meisten Leute brauchen diesen Umfang ja aber gar nicht.
(obwohl irgendwie ein Matomo-STack wär doch auch mal was) … :wink:

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Does yours work on Foundation ?

Yes, I’m using Foundation with it.