Better User Manuals by using ChatGPT


If you have ChatGPT (or another GenAI tool where you can build custom tools), then let me suggest you consider creating GPTs for your various products to provide help. It is much better than using built-in help systems or online manuals, for the most part. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or have no idea how to do it, ping me and I’ll see if I can point you the right way. Or, depending on your skill with the GenAI products, you can use them to direct you on how to do this.

If this is done, which I believe would be a whole development project on its own, please, please, please build the prompts well. If the default AI voice is what we have to put up with going through documentation I will put it away almost before I start.

I know quality can be made, but an exceptional set of prompt instructions is needed first.

Totally agree. Given how LLM models operate, the upkeep needed to keep them running smoothly justifies a regular maintenance fee—it’s totally worth it. In the real world, I charge for maintaining my AI agents and bots because they require constant tweaks and testing. Nailing the right prompts is part art, part science, and the outcomes are incredible.

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Chatgpt voice is cool, after Scarlett (some problem occurred :grimacing:) I’d like to hear manual readings with the Donald voice (Duck not Trump).

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Let me cut this thread short, we are not planning on creating custom GPTs for our manuals. Like many popular software we are using Gitbook for our documentation which already has AI features built-in.

While we do have a large community of technical users of RapidWeaver, the majority of our user-base are those that want a simple WYSIWYG drag and drop website builder. These are non-technical people who likely aren’t using AI (ChatGPT, Anthropic, etc.) in their daily lives and I don’t feel we should throw up that barrier for them to learn how to use a custom GPT just to learn how to use our products.

I will make a concession though, Gitbook has a feature where you can export the documentation in PDF format. For those highly technical users that would like to create their own GPT as a “Personal RapidWeaver Manual”, they can feed that PDF document into the GPT and customize it the way they see fit.

Hope that helps clarify things. :slightly_smiling_face:


Appreciate the suggestion, but this is not the direction we are headed with our documentation at the moment. While I never say never, closing thread now and we can revisit it down the road if it’s something the majority of our user-base are requesting or suggesting.

@dang , I posted the ChatGPT manual tip in the Lounge area because I was NOT suggesting that Reaclmac do that. That was a tip for the users–most of us–that have products that use Apple’s current crappy Help system or they just have PDFs, text files, etc. to support their users. I’m sorry I did not make that more clear…I thought that posting in the Category specifically set aside for products not from Realmac or about web design would have been enough. Again, I apologize for not being more clear. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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No worries, understood. Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

you can just use Jennieai that will that is built to manage pdf files and then you can use prompts.

Actually it does a fairly good job in assisting writing research papers