Bizarre addition to homepage URL

(Casel Melendy) #1

Greetings! Recently I added some 301 redirects to my website (went smoothly and all appears to work well) and also forced redirects to www. Now, in my google analytics, my homepage is both coming up both correctly and also coming up like this

Does anyone know what /?rw_perform_navigation=no is, and whether this is affecting SEO?

Also…any idea how to fix this issue? Or is it just the redirects to www? or?

Any help would be much appreciated.

(Doug Bennett) #2

What you’re seeing is called an URLs query string. It’s used to pass information to a webpage to perform different things based on what’s in the argument being passed.
Without looking at every link on the site it’s difficult to say where the URL with the query is being picked up by google.

It’s doubtful it has anything to do with the www redirects,without seeing the htaccess file I couldn’t say for sure but you would really need to be creative to add a query string via a redirect.

My best guess is being caused by some stack or the theme itself.

It could affect SERP ranking, pretty much everything can. I doubt it’s causing a major issue with the search engines but if you wanted to play it safe you could add a canonical URL to the head section of the page.