301 redirect and new content

Hi, Question from a newcomer in the fabulous SEO field that he was making fun of until recently: if I change both the content and the URL of the old pages of my site, and I only keep the domain name, Won’t 301 redirects on new pages (including the site home) surprise visitors?
In other words: is there another path that does not penalize the SEO of the new site and does not bring visitors from the old site to pages that do not interest them? Can’t we just tell search engines to deindex what no longer exists?
Or are we forced to take a new domain name to start from scratch properly in terms of SEO? I know I should have to start my brain :brain: but I get older and… hmm older and… what is the subject again :face_with_monocle::yum:

The URL remains the same but the content is completely about a different topic, is that right? If that is the case, I would also take a new URL. Visitors who come to the old URL also expect the old topic!

A new URL can also be indexed quickly. I also recommend that you use GOOGLE-WEBMASTER TOOLS that can help get it indexed fast. You can also set a few links from your old to your new site. If you do not change the URL it will be found with the old topics for a long time.


@ToF Thank you very much for your response. That’s what I was afraid of, no possibility to erase our prints :face_with_hand_over_mouth: So I will take the new domain/URL path :+1: