Home page not updating / extra info in URL

(MIke D) #1

Using the same RW program for many years. Updated some pages this weekend including the home page. Usually the changes are instant and current. When I click on my menu / bookmark for my site it takes me to the older version. Google search takes me to the older version. All the other pages have updated properly. If I click to any other page in the site and GO BACK to the home page the new version is there. The weird thing I noticed is that the old page URL looks like this: www.mysite.com (which is always how it looked before) however the updated one looks like this!: www.mysite.com/mysite.com.HTML

I know this is something simple to fix but I’ve never encountered it before. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

(MIke D) #2

I realize there is a site called “mysite”. I just wanted to use something general as an example. That is NOT my website.

(scott williams) #3

give us the url so we can see what is happening

(Doug Bennett) #4

Check your file name on the page:

Also under settings>general> advanced
make sure your set for tdy links and relative to page:

(MIke D) #5

Yes! You called it, Doug. The file name on the settings was mysite.com.html instead of index.html. I never typed or made this change but maybe I accidentally double clicked something(?). 10 + years using this program and it’s never happened before. Thanks for your help!