Black Friday 50% @ Doobox

(Doobox Software) #1


RW Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals roundup
(Konstantijn Van Calster) #2

Just in time :grinning:. I just bought the Typist stack, I love it, it’s a great stack.


(Murat Ozgul) #3

I can’t buy anything 'cause payment just with PayPal. Turkish people can’t buy anything from Doobox 'cause PayPal does not work in Turkey.

(Neil Egginton) #4

You can use a debit/credit card to buy through PayPal without having a PayPal account.

(Murat Ozgul) #5

It does not work cause you must to choose country and turkey does not include.

(Neil Egginton) #6

You’re correct, just checked it. Very strange.

(Doug Bennett) #7

I had herd that Paypal stopped working in Turkey a while back., after failing to obtain a new license for its services. I figureed that had been resolved by now.

I guess you could try a VPN?

(Murat Ozgul) #8

VPN didnt work I had test it before.

(system) #9

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